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Crush, blast, and fling this block tower to the ground. The ultimate aim is to descend in order to balance the hexagon (a six-sided geometry) and prevent it from falling. You must get to the flag towards the bottom of the tower to win. The gaming mechanism includes mathematical calculations, logic difficulties, strategy, and reflexes. It's a straightforward game with riddles and arcade elements that anybody can easily pick up. It's tough to learn, and it's even harder to master. The game's mechanics are as follows: •On top of a stack of bricks or mines, a hexagon form (hex or Hexa) is placed (see illustration). You can't move the hexagon, but you can destroy the blocks surrounding it to get it closer to the ground. The blocks work similarly to mines in that if you touch on them, they will be destroyed. If the tower starts to wobble, it may tumble; be careful not to let the hex fall. If the hexagon loses its equilibrium and falls into the abyss, the game is ended. You must move the hexagon from the top to the bottom of the tower until it reaches the ground and catches the flag on the other side to win the game. The levels are similar to puzzles in that you must carefully pick which block of mines to smash in order to keep the tower structure from collapsing and dissolving. When blocks are destroyed, they disappear, and the tower/structure becomes shorter as a result of the demolition. However, not only will the block you touch be crushed, but the impact may also influence nearby blocks, causing the stack to roll, tumble, or slide. As a consequence, the hexagon will behave according to physics (it has numerous sides, making it almost like a ball)—make sure it doesn't fall before it touches the ground! As a result, the puzzle game part is choosing which bricks to crush.

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